Car Washing
Is What We Do

About Us


While a lot of carwashes offer and do multiple things, such as oil changes, detailing, and the ever popular “gas station carwash” we’ve kept our sole focus all these years (since 1983 to be exact!) on one thing, and one thing only….washing cars! This allows us to dedicate all of our focus and pay meticulous attention on every facet of the process. Whether it’s timing the revolutions of every brush with a stop watch to get them exactly where we want them, measuring and titrating the PH levels of all the chemicals to achieve the desired alkaline and acidity levels, or testing our own vehicle 50 to 60 times in a row until something is dialed in just right.

Our team takes washing cars very seriously, and works hard to provide the highest quality, most efficient, and most consistent results possible. If we do fall short of a customers expectations, we choose to view this as an opportunity to show our customers how much we care about them, and hopefully strengthen their loyalty to us by going above and beyond to resolve any issues. Our business and our success is all about building relationships with our customers, washing cars just happens to be how we build them!

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Our Mission

Provide the highest quality carwash in the absolute safest way possible for your vehicle, while maintaining superior customer service in all aspects of your experience with us.

Join our team

Ric & Stan’s Carwash is always on the lookout for people who can be successful members of our team. We have positions that are perfect first-time jobs for high school and college students but also offer jobs that can evolve into full-time careers with a management structure, and full benefits including 100% health insurance coverage, dental, and a retirement plan.
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